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It happens more often than you’d think – access to the bios of your laptop is locked & you’ve forgotten the damn password. All you remember is entering a really clever new password at the time. sigh

And what?

As is the case with many electronic devices, a locked bios will often provide an ID that – with enough clever reverse engineering – will reveal the tricky password that you entered then promptly forgot. (Note to self: Do not play with bios whilst drunk) All you need is to know the algorithm used to calculate the password. Which 99% of us do not know.

After usually 3-5 attempts at the password, the laptop will respond with something similar to “This laptop ABCD12345-ZYX is locked. Restart to enter the correct password.” It’s that laptop ID that leads us to the password, eventually.

Fortunately, Megabyte has a pre-built solution for many (but not all) laptop bios locks. Covering HP, Dell. Sony, Toshiba, Fujitsu, BenQ, Asus, Acer and more, it’s worth giving it a try. Especially since it’s posted on this site & it’s free to use.

If you have a problem with a locked bios, obtain the machine ID mentioned above then go here.  Enter the ID, press the button, profit. The response will ID the brand of laptop and provide your password.

NB: This is a bios code generator, not UEFI. There’s a difference, I don’t have the keys to any UEFI code. Yet.

5 thoughts on “bios code generator

  1. Cant seem to get the code right I Have a Inspiron 5570

    Please help i have a test this morning!

  2. I have HP Compaq 6710b with power on password. I tried generating the password which came back. But if I try to fill in the password, it does not accept the new password.

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