And what?

Laptop BIOS Master Password Generator

If you need your Laptop BIOS Password Reset, then you’ve come to the right place. The Laptop BIOS Master Password Generator reveals the password for many popular laptops. Not all laptops are vulnerable but many are – give it a try, it’s free.

Latest Update 11/19 – New & improved now cracking even more late model laptops!

Added Dell XPS, Latitude & Precision machines with -BF97 BIOS suffix, improved -6FF1 password generation plus most FSi models. – see details here

Achieve Laptop BIOS Password Reset on late model HP, Compaq, Dell, Lenovo, Sony, Samsung, Acer, Asus, Lenovo & Fujitsu & more brand name laptops with the Laptop BIOS Master Password Generator!

Those manufacturers listed above – your BIOS is brake. All your password are belong to us. (Well, nearly all.)

8-digit BIOS provided by Insyde H20 (Lenovo, HP) and 5-digit Phoenix BIOS are also pwnd by the Laptop BIOS Master Password Generator.

Seen this before? Bios-locked & password lost, that’s what that screen indicates.  But the 20-digit machine ID code displayed can often be decrypted to reveal the BIOS password. (That code reveals a Fujitsu-Siemens laptop with password 9538393)

And what?

When you open a laptop & find yourself faced with the immediate black BIOS password screen & absolutely no idea of what password you used, all you gotta do is come to the Laptop BIOS Master Password Generator @

Many HP/Compaq, Dell, Lenovo, Sony, Samsung, Acer, Asus, Lenovo or Fujitsu laptop BIOS passwords can be revealed.

Hints & Tips


In the case of Asus laptops it’s the date code you require – enter an incorrect password then press Alt +R at the next prompt. Take that date & enter it in the BIOS Master Password Generator below in the same order (yyyy-dd-mm, mm-dd-yyyy or dd-mm-yyyy) as displayed on your Asus laptop.


If your Lenovo laptop has an Insyde H20 BIOS, then your secret sauce is to use a USB keyboard to enter the master password generated here, then use a USB QWERTY keyboard to enter password.


For HP’s popular Elitebook & ProBook, there is an alternative method available here in the downloads section. Highly effective on vulnerable machines, full instructions included – please read them before you attempt BIOS password removal.


Press & hold the left Ctrl key when entering the password in Dell laptops, then hit Enter twice. Some Dell service tags are missing a suffix – first try the password generated, then try the passwords for all suffices by adding either -595B, -2A7B, -D35B, -1F66, -6FF1 or -BF97 to your service tag.

Many -6FF1 machines are cracking with our new -BF97 codes. Simply exchange the suffix on data entry then generate your code. (Don’t forget, left Ctrl then Enter + Enter)

Downgrading the BIOS can change your suffix, resulting in a successful password generation. If your BIOS is set to allow downgrades, this method will help.

Fujitsu Siemens

For the later 6×4 password implementation, download & install Python 2.7 (available for all platforms), then grab the Fujitsu 6×4 Python script & save it in your Python directory. Double-click on the script, follow the simple instructions,  all done.
(Edit: I’ve now added the 6×4 script to the BIOS Master Password Generator)


Sony 4 x 4 Challenge Codes are a one-time password, generated fresh each boot. Do not turn the laptop off after obtaining the Challenge Code as the Master Password is specific to that code. Restarting before the password is entered will require a new Master Password.

Partial List of Vulnerable BIOS

Compaq 5 decimal digits, 10 characters
Dell BIOS code ending with -595B, -D35B, -2A7B, -1D3B, -1F66,-6FF1 & now -BF97, also generates master password for Dell BIOS with no suffix.
Fujitsu-Siemens 5 decimal digits, 8 hexadecimal digits, 5×4 hexadecimal digits, 5×4  & 6×4 decimal digits
Hewlett-Packard 5 decimal digits, 10 characters
Insyde H20 8 decimal digits (Acer, HP)
Phoenix 5 decimal digits
Sony 7 digit serial number, 4 x 4 one-time
Samsung 12 hexadecimal digits
Asus Date code (Enter format as displayed on your laptop)

Anyway, whichever BIOS-locked laptop you have, grab the Machine ID Code – sometimes called the Service Tag, Challenge Code or Response Code  – usually displayed after submitting a few (3-5) incorrect codes – that’s the unique identifier we need. Pay special attention when reading the code, be careful not to confuse I & l or O & 0, B & 8, S & 5.

Now enter that code in the box below, hit the Crack It button…. Ka-ching!! No surveys to fill out, no pop-under pR0n adverts, just pure goodness & quite likely your Laptop BIOS Master Password too.

When you’ve done your Laptop BIOS Master Password Reset, please leave a comment, send a tweet, or do whatever peeps do on Facebook to tell the wwworld about your win…

This generator is based on the good work done by Dogbert, Asyncritus, hgpl & Mikrovr.

584 thoughts on “Laptop BIOS Master Password Generator

  1. @dammysholove

    Master Password Generator for HP laptops [System Disabled]
    Copyright (C) 2016-2020 Mikrovr

    After entering the wrong password for the third time, you will receive a
    8 chars code from which the password can be calculated, e.g. [i 12345678]

    Enter the hash code:

    i [55113238]

    System Disabled : 55113238

    Master Password : 62782677

    Please note that the password is encoded for US QWERTY keyboard layouts.

  2. 03580113 and 44594991 are invalid, and I tried to do it with left Ctrl holdet and this doesn’t work:(

  3. @Juliet

    Input: 498NMG1-595B

    Password: 3qdbhob4

    3 – ( digit )
    q – quebec ( lowercase )
    d – delta ( lowercase )
    b – bravo ( lowercase )
    h – hotel ( lowercase )
    o – oscar ( lowercase )
    b – bravo ( lowercase )
    4 – ( digit )

    Password is case sensitive!
    Passwords are for QWERTY keyboard only (standard US)
    Enter calculated password carefully, Then holding CTRL push ENTER key twice

    Master Bypass Keys for other laptops? [email protected]

  4. I tried to flash the bios with password=1 on platform.ini with no success. now the code changed.

    Can you help me?


    thank you!

  5. 7n773Z2-8fc8 All password try don’t work for me … Need help please. All try with enter OR ctrl left + enter OR ctrl right + enter OR just enter…Try all. PLEAE HELP ME

  6. The master password is correct, keep the BIOS at its original version and use an external USB keyboard.

  7. Thanks for trying brother, I think this laptop has a harddrive that wasnt provided by the manufacturer because the password didnt work.

    Best regards.

  8. @eliub

    Input: ***W0464SN4-2A7B

    Password: h0tmdeMl0JAvQ5GD

    h – hotel ( lowercase )
    0 – ( digit )
    t – tango ( lowercase )
    m – mike ( lowercase )
    d – delta ( lowercase )
    e – echo ( lowercase )
    l – lima ( lowercase )
    0 – ( digit )
    v – victor ( lowercase )
    5 – ( digit )

    NB:Password is case sensitive!
    Passwords are for QWERTY keyboard only (standard US)
    Enter calculated password carefully, Then holding CTRL push ENTER key twice

    Master Bypass Keys for other laptops? [email protected]

  9. Hello, I cannot get to unlock my Dell e5530 non-vpro harddrive to unlock.


    Already tried Dell from hdd serial number wqlMmLlu3HiyD67J

    And I downgraded Bios to to A03 which is the lowest, It was at A20 originally with suffix 6FF1

  10. 2D2FB35C18B2B4846F1F989846036E6CA968E4C87005 esse é o utimo código que recebi mais digito não muda nada alguém aí pode me ajudar meu Windows 10 Samsung

    1. That’s by far the longest response code I’ve ever seen, well over double any other code size. Sorry, we don’t have an onsite generator for this BIOS.
      Maybe, if you’re lucky, @Mikrovr might have a solution.

  11. 2D2FB35C18B2B4846F1F989846036E6CA968E4C87005 por favor podem me ajudar o meu notibook é Samsung Windows 10

    1. I’ve just tested the generator in Chrome on Android, both mobile & desktop mode. It’s working for me. What platform are you using please?

  12. Сгенерировал уже четыре пароля и не один не подошёл !! Помогите!! Что ещё нужно сделать, чтобы открыть БИОС ?!?!?!?

  13. @Victor
    “Please my code is 50407072. I tried the cracked generated it was not working.”

    HP or Acer?

  14. Pleases help I have a dell laptop forgot bios password I get this pop up
    System Disabled
    Service Tag

  15. Доброе время суток ! Купил новый Acer Spire 3 A315-34 P4-ZH,
    в нём уже стояла ОС Windows 10, я её стёр и поставил UBUNTU 16.04,
    но получилось так, что UBUNTU не устанавливаются,
    т.е. они устанавливаются через PlayOnLinux – Win,
    но работают не так, как в Windows.
    Я решил вернуться на старую добрую Винду, но не тут-то было !!
    При перезагрузке нажимаю F2 и появляется синие окно,
    как показано у вас в ролике, я три раза вводил, как показана в вашем видео,
    и после третьего раза мне выдали цифры: 1571921265,
    захожу на сайт – ввожу в генератор паролей эти цифры,
    он выдаёт мне пароль – 3qx3o737gq – ввожу в синее окно и
    БАЯН ОДНОРЯДНЫЙ БЕЗМЕХОВЫЙ !!!!!!!!!!!!! нифига оно не подходит!!
    Вычитал на сайтах, что можно снять нижнию крышку и что-то на материнке замкнуть,
    но он у меня на гарантии, да и лезть туда, что-то боязно и не очень хочется !!
    Чтобы вы посоветовали ? Заранее буду Вам очень признателен за какой-либо ответ.

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