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BIOS Master Password Generator Updated

BIOS Master Password Generator Updated

It’s update time again for one of the most popular pages here on – the BIOS Master Password Generator for those who’ve lost/forgotten their laptop BIOS passwords.

This update adds tier one manufacturer Asus to the list that includes HP/Compaq, Dell, Samsung, Acer, Sony, Fujitsu and more.

We’ve also extended the functionality to cover two more Dell series (1F66 & 166F) and the notorious Sony one-time 4×4 BIOS password.

Asus, Sony, Dell & HP – all your BIOS are belong to us.

If you don’t recall the correct password, a BIOS password lock is a security measure that can render a laptop useless.  As they’re stored only on the laptop, there’s no official online recovery available – like your Google account, for example. Forgotten BIOS passwords often mean expensive trouble, whether you get your manufacturer to provide a solution or purchase a BIOS Master Password from an EBay seller – not to mention the stress & drama of having to find the way past without using your laptop (it’s locked – you can’t use it!)

Luckily, most manufacturers provide a unique per-machine ID code that, after decrypting with the correct algorithm, will reveal the BIOS master password. The BIOS Master Password Generator here @ helps those who’ve lost or forgotten their BIOS passwords to recover them – for free. All that we ask is that you leave a comment & tell your friends.