A few freebies to take home with you. Both virus-free & cost-free. No refunds, no exceptions.

Time Teller Screensaver

I built this satirical take on digital time late last century using Macromedia Flash. Steve Jobs put an end to the Flash file format so I updated it to HTML 5. It’s an oldie but a goodie & it goes a little something like this:

downloads Time Teller Windows Screensaver

HP Elite / Probook BIOS Password Tool

An extremely effective method of removing BIOS passwords from certain HP Elitebook / Probook laptops. Created by Mazzif, this is the updated version of his original tool. Contains full instructions, be sure to read them before you start.

NB: supports BIOS version

downloads Mazzif’s HP BIOS Password Tool

Signal Private Messenger

The strongest message I can give to all site visitors is to insist on privacy as a basic human right. Fuck the data collectors & their misuse & abuse of your information.

The first & most vital step is to secure your communications. Signal Private Messenger is the app that provides perfect private communication for voice & messages, available for Android, iOS & Desktop.

Even if you take nothing else from here, you should take this. Downloads are direct from the relevant provider


Fujitsu Siemens laptop master password generator

Now built in to the Laptop Master Password Generator, but if you’d like to play with Python 2.6 (must be version 2.6) & generate your own master password @ home, here’s the script.

For BIOS passwords on Fujitsu Siemens laptops.

downloads Python script

World’s Most Popular Passwords

Through the online genius of password security checking sites such as haveibeenpwned & Mark Burnett’s painstaking research at Xato, comes a list covering some 99% of all passwords ever used – & there’s only 10,000,000 of them! 85Mb download, for password, math & security geeks everywhere.

downloads 10M Passwords

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    1. Hit that PayPal 8FC8 button just above. Post your transaction ID back here & very soon after we’ll provide your BIOS Master Password.

    1. HP used to supply smc.bin files to unlock your laptop. Sadly, 2 years ago they halted production – smc.bin are no longer available. There’s no keygen in the wild either. Your only solution is to rewrite the BIOS chip.

  1. Witam,

    zapomnialem haslo na bios prosze o pomoc

    laptop HP probook 6570b, SKU number: A5E64AV, Serial number: 5CB3101R05, Universally Unique Identifier (UUID): 8E44FF3FE5A88E211853B2066B900004D, system bios version 68ICE Ver. F.40

    1. dodam tylko ze nie moge sprobowac z narzedzia ktore mozna pobrac, po wybraniu F9 nie mam wyboru botowania z USB, jest tylko wybór HDD oraz ethernet.

    2. i did this just pull out the bios battery and waited 30 mins to an hour for it to reset bios , now im back into the bios cleared ..

      Method 1. Remove the CMOS/Password battery.
      The first method to remove the BIOS password on a HP (or other brand) laptop or Desktop computer, is to locate and remove the CMOS battery for a few minutes. To accomplish this task:

      1. Find out he location of the CMOS/Battery, by performing a simple search on the web about how to replace the CMOS battery on your laptop, computer or motherboard model.
      2. Once you find that information, power down and remove the power cord from your computer.
      3. Follow the instructions you found to open the laptop chassis.
      4. Remove or disconnect the CMOS battery* for 6-10 minutes to erase the CMOS settings and clear CMOS password.
      5. Reconnect (or put back in its place) the CMOS battery and then close the chassis.
      6. Power on your computer and enter BIOS setup.

      1. Thank you Brad. It’s important for readers to understand that this information, while relevant to desktop computers, does NOT apply to laptops of any marque, let alone HP. It was at least 15 years ago that manufacturers switched to storing passwords in non-volatile chips.
        Also, on desktop PCs you don’t need to remove the CMOS battery & wait 30 minutes. There’s either a jumper that fits over the pins labelled BIOS or a little button to push. Either of those 2 will clear passwords & settings from desktop PC BIOS. But this method does not, will not, can not work on laptop computers.

      1. Your solution is the second download on this page – HP Elite / ProBook password tool. Read the included instructions & clean your Elitebook 2540p BIOS.

  2. i have an hp probook 4540 s with a bios password that after 3 or 4 times trying to put in password it just says its locked and to turn the computer off i will gladly donate if you think you can unlock this beast

    1. Melissa, grab the Mazzif HPBR tool from the Downloads section. Full instructions are included. Use Shotgun / All settings. There’s a solid chance this utility will work, depending on how recent your installed BIOS is.

    1. We can do that for you Fred. Post your PayPal transaction ID back here & very soon after our good friend Mikrovr will post your BIOS Master Password.

    1. Usef, you should post this request on the bios page along with your PayPal transaction ID. You’ll stand a far better chance of unlocking your HP there.

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