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Hack Attack Bootable Windows USB Toolkit

Hack Attack Windows Toolkit

Built by Professionals for Professionals, Hack Attack Bootable Windows USB Toolkit provides a solution to almost any Windows PC problem!

The result of over 10 years development & evolution, now with over 200 individual tested & proven industry-standard programs pre-installed, your Windows PC problems are over.

Like, Gone In Sixty Seconds over.  Whether it’s Registry, Partition, Malware, Virus, MBR, whatever – Problem Solved.  With Hack Attack Bootable Windows Toolkit, you’ve got this.

Save time & money with your very own Professional IT Toolkit. Easy to operate, universal application for laptop & desktop machines, this really is a complete all-in-one package.

Highly recommended for IT Professionals, PC Repair Shops, IT Students, Husbands in trouble with wives because they deleted baby photos, Company IT staff, Website Admins, PC Hobbyists, Computerologists & all those peeps who continually forget passwords.

From lost photos to forgotten passwords, destroyed partitions to malware infestations, the Hack Attack Bootable Windows Toolkit is your boot-&-fix solution. Read more, see the pictures & purchase here

HP Laptop UEFI/BIOS Password Reset

HP UEFI Password Removal Service
Guaranteed success removing Admin passwords from even the very latest HP product. Envy, Spectre, Omen, Z-Book & more all fall in seconds. Specific to each machine, this is highly-efficient, targeted UEFI password removal. Fast, personal & affordable service from 1024kb.co.nz. Every late-model HP laptop including Elitebook, Omen, Spectre, Envy, Z-Book.

We’re so confident in this product that we offer a money-back guarantee – your HP UEFI will unlock or your money back. Read more & purchase here

Apple Mac UEFI Password Removal

There’s two levels of Mac lock – iCloud & UEFI lock. There’s a protocol that you’re required to follow to remove these pesky locks. Failure to follow = failure to unlock + it’s harder next time round – thanks Apple, much appreciated.

Older MacBooks & iMacs will crack (eventually) by following my Hack A Mac guide. If you’d rather not do it yourself, or if you have a more recent MacOS product that needs unlocking, read on here.