Q – iCloud bypass – what’s the story?

A –All good things come to an end – for the nigh-impregnable security of iCloud devices, that day was 27/10/19 when Checkm8 arrived. An unpatchable bootrom exploit, offering untold possibilities with iOS manipulation. In short, iCloud security is over.

Q – Hmmm, okay, sounds good. Can you bypass this device for me please?

A – If you can show me that it’s legit yours, yeah. Hit me here.

Q – How about that Google lock, the Samsung FRP lock – can that be removed? 

A – Please go straight to FRPUnlock.nz where I’ll put on my Sam the hacker disguise & rip that lock off in 2 minutes. 😏

Q – Did you really cause a shut down at (major NZ public) company?

A – Historical event, 20 years ago. It wasn’t me who sent the file through, that was Johnny the pilot – so the event was unplanned & unexpected. But yes, I did write the program, & it wasn’t actually malicious. Just looked that way. It certainly taught the Air New Zealand IT department a lesson in security!!

Q – What about the ASB unnamed bank with the virus that wouldn’t die?

A – Just because you pay big money to corporate consultants, doesn’t mean their people are right up to date. I thought the answer was obvious & that they were slacking as opposed to a blinding flash of brilliance by me. Got rid of the virus without having to make an appearance anyway. I didn’t realize at the time that RAM-resident viruses were unheard of in the wild.

Q – What’s your kit?

A – Laptop: Dell Precision 7720 Workstation, Xeon E3 1535m w/ 32GB DDR4 RAM, 4GB NVIDIA Quadro 1200 & 2 x 1 TB Class 5 NVMe M.2 running Win 10 Pro with all the Microsoft phone homes blocked. It’s the first mobile Xeon I’ve owned & performs brilliantly. Hardly a laptop though, it’s big, heavy & seriously powerful.

Desktop – Lian Li case with Asus Strix 470i iTX board,  512GB Samsung 970 Evo NVMe drive, 32GB Mushkin DDR4 & Ryzen 7 3700x with GTX 1070 through a 32″ 4k Samsung monitor. Auto overclocked 10% to 4.1GHz.

HID: Logitech MX4 mouse & wireless keyboard.

Phone: Huawei’s brilliant P40 with Googlefier. Samsung is history to me.

Tablets: a jailbreaked 256GB iPad Pro 2 on 13.4 & a lovely Samsung Tab S4 10.5″ w/ 4G & Dex.

Q – Must you have all these devices, Brett?

A – What do you mean? I didn’t know my mother was writing the questions! Yes, matter of fact I do need them. Otherwise I couldn’t write this website with authority & experience. & I usually make a profit when selling too, so I’m justified. Next question.

Q – Is this all there is?

A – Stop it. Why would you think that? No, I don’t show everything. But if you read carefully, there’s a few gems hidden in plain sight.

Q – Reason for selling?

A – Oh FFS, this is not Trademe. & even if it was, the reason is none of your business, all you need to know is that the product is in excellent condition & works perfectly. People buy with confidence from Megabyte.

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