Q – iCloud bypass – when are you releasing the program?

A – I’m not, I haven’t got one*. Apple really worked hard to develop a system that would keep people’s prized iDevices safe – and largely they’ve achieved their goal. I don’t believe that there will be a fully-working bypass developed – ever. Well, maybe there will be but it wont be for public consumption.

Q – Hmmm, okay then, can you just bypass this device for me please?

A – Well, maybe. If it’s got a screen lock code then the answer is probably no. After that, it depends on iOS version and device. The right combination of both can lead to freedom. But usually not. Also if you’re prepared to give up GSM connectivity and are confident with a soldering iron & magnifying glass, a hardware hack is often possible.

Q – Ok, same question as above but for Android – can you do that?

A – Yup, sure can.

Q – Did you really cause a shut down at (major NZ public) company?

A – It wasn’t me who sent the file through, that was Johnny the pilot – so the event was unplanned & unexpected. But yes, I did write the program, & it wasn’t actually malicious. Just looked that way. It certainly taught the Air New Zealand IT department a lesson in security!!

Q – What about the ASB unnamed bank with the virus that wouldn’t die?

A – Just because you pay big money to corporate consultants, doesn’t mean their people are right up to date. I thought the answer was obvious & that they were slacking as opposed to a blinding flash of brilliance by me. Got rid of the virus without having to make an appearance anyway. I didn’t realize at the time that RAM-resident viruses were unheard of in the wild.

Q – I thought you were keeping company names private but you immediately give up Air New Zealand & ASB Bank! What’s up with that?

A – Whoops.

Q – What’s up with  the site header images? 50cc scooters? Really?

A – Yes really. You can modify good scoots (non-Chinese) to perform awesome. I’ve got 3, the most powerful puts out 24bhp & scares me.

Q – Windows, OS X or Linux?

A – Depends for what purpose. They all have their strong/weak points. Linux for workhorse stuff, any day.

Q – What are a few of your favourite things?

A – Eh? That’s not a real FAQ is it? Ah whatever. Here’s some:
Art on wheels – Bugatti Atlantic 57C & the original Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa & my own heavily modified Peugeot Speedfight 3 Sport, Manchester United, the Brazil vs France ’98 WC QFinal, slalom skiing on the Upper Harbour course at dawn & Ivanisevic vs Rafter in the Wimbledon final. Organic food from Pete’s farm in Te Aroha is unbeatable, Blue Note jazz recordings, one-take live albums & early Nathan Haines sounds. Is that enough for you? Needs to be, that’s all you’re getting.

Q – Are these real questions asked by random site visitors?

A – No

Q – The chick on the postage stamps – who’s that?

A – She’s mine & I’m not sharing.

Q – What kit are you using these days?

A – Computer: A new (Jan 2017) Asus Zenbook 15″, i7 6700HQ w/ 16GB DDR4 RAM, 4GB NVIDIA GTX 960M & 512GB PCie M.2 Sata running Win 10 Pro (with all the Microsoft phone homes blocked.) It’s the first 4K laptop monitor I’ve had, the image quality is great, I use the touchscreen feature more than I thought I would.

Phone: Galaxy S5 Note 4 S6 Edge Note 5 S7 Edge Note 5 S7 Edge again running Cyanogenmod 11 12, Lollipop Samsung’s dirty old TouchWhizz interfaced Kit Kat Lollipop Resurrection Remix – rooted with Chainfire’s innovative Systemless RootMagisk Manager. In 2018 it’s an S9 now. No it’s not, I swapped the S9 for an A8 – first mid-range handset I’ve had & it’s sweet. All the functions, all the style, 1/3 the price.

Tablets: a new jailbreaked 64GB iPad Air 2 on 9.2.1 & a lovely Samsung Tab S2 9.7″ on Resurrection 7.1 – slim & sexy, it’s Samsung’s best work yet.

Q – ‘Droid or iOS?

A – Can you read? Look at the question I’ve just answered. I’ve had both for ages. The Galaxy S5 was the handset that implemented Android with sufficient power to take advantage of the OS by delivering some impressive functionality. I was iOS-centric but the S5 broke that pattern. Since moving to S6 then S7 & although I keep a sharp eye on iOS kit, I see no reason to switch back – yet. Seeing long-standing ‘Droid features being adopted & claimed by Apple makes me laugh.

Having said all that – I modify the OS to compensate for shortcomings & security issues, it’s the first thing I do & takes 3-4 hours each time. If you don’t want to involve yourself with customising then you’re far better off running a stock-standard iPhone than a stock-standard ‘Droid. I guess that looking at my hardware profile tells the story – Android for phone, iOS for tablet (until the Tab S2 came along.)

Q – faq you.

A – That’s not a question, & hey! Who’s letting this shit through? God dammit.

Q – Must you have all these devices, Brett?

A – What do you mean? I didn’t know my mother was writing the questions! Yes, matter of fact I do need them. Otherwise I couldn’t write this website with authority & experience. Next question.

Q – Have you always been so grumpy?

A – Yes. No. Not sure. Probably. With stupid questions like that, it’s no wonder I get snappy like a crocodile.

Q – Is this all there is?

A – Stop it. Why would you think that? There’s lotsa stuff that doesn’t relate to online presentation, shouldn’t be shown publicly or, because I get paid for applying the knowledge that I’m not prepared to share. Read carefully, there’s a few gems hidden in plain sight.

Q – Reason for selling?

A – Oh FFS, this is not Trademe. & even if it was, the reason is none of your business, all you need to know is that the product is in excellent condition & works perfectly. Now bugger off.

Now do you see why I’ve never got enough time to get my stuff done?

  • – It’s true, I haven’t got one.

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