HP UEFI Password Removal Service

HP UEFI Password Removal

If we weren’t able to unlock your HP laptop with the free Laptop BIOS Master Password Generator, do not despair, there is a definite HP laptop UEFI password removal solution available. Yes, you can have your computer back fully functional with our guaranteed HP UEFI Password removal service!

This service requires personal attention from a real person, so we do need to charge for their time & effort. But $US40 to restore your precious laptop is easy to justify, especially when we guarantee success or your money back!

All you need is:
* ID details from your password-protected HP laptop – press F1 on boot to view this:

* 2GB USB drive (partition a larger one if you don’t have 2GB size)
* Access to a working Windows computer
* About 10 minutes

After PayPal processing we ask you to upload the ID details of your locked HP laptop РModel, Serial, UDID & BIOS revision code, as shown on the image above.  Please fill out the form carefully as the fix we provide is machine-specific, so 1 incorrect detail will render the provided solution irrelevant. Please check your input before submitting. We also advise uploading an F1 details screenshot as surety.

Within 24 hours you’ll receive an email containing the password reset file & instructions on how to complete the simple UEFI password removal process. We provide live support via WhatsApp during the process, helping to ensure your success.

Compatible with all HP laptops 2005 or newer, except X360 & X2 models.

Hell yes!! I want my HP laptop fixed, take me to PayPal. Let's do this!

HP UEFI Password Removal Service Is guaranteed to work on all ZBook, Envy, EliteBook, Pavilion, ProBook, Stream, Omen, Stream, Chromebook, Spectre models & more, EXCEPT X360 and X2 models.
HP UEFI Password removal service