iCloud Account Removal

iCloud Account Removal

An actual, real iCloud Account Removal Service from a source you can trust.

While iCloud is, to a point, an anti-theft deterrent, its main purpose appears to be an income driver for Apple, making it almost impossible for a finder to either return your lost handset or to restore it to useful life, whilst also making it next to impossible for you to actually Find My iPhone.  Apple taking an opportunity to generate more income? Surprise, surprise.

For almost as long as iCloud has existed, there’s been online rip-off merchants claiming to be able to remove iCloud – with absolutely no intention of providing any service whatsoever. Check a leading example here. Pro Tip: If they use “official” in their name, they aren’t.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, instead of littering the planet, iCloud-locked devices can now be genuinely unlocked.

Actual Real iCloud Account Removal Service…

iCloud Account Removal Service

Elegant, hassle-free, simple, effective & permanent – a perfect solution

An essential step during iPhone set up is Activation. That’s when the iPhone sends its IMEI information to Apple for checking.

The dreaded Activation Lock page is returned by the Apple Activation server that has checked the IMEI number against the iCloud database & found a match. The Activation Lock page is then generated, requiring log-in by the previous account holder. (Whose contact details are not revealed) *sigh*

iCloud Account Removal – How We Do It

The iCloud Account Removal Service removes the existing details directly from Apple’s iCloud database, enabling you to set up the iPhone to your personal preferences. This is a  permanent fix. Best of all, there’s almost zero interaction required from you. Because this method does the iCloud Account Removal @ Apple, you simply restart the device & follow the standard iPhone activation procedure. Too easy.

NB: This service is offered on the condition that the iPhone being cleared is not registered as Lost or Stolen – as indicated by the Activation lock screens below:

iCloud Bypass
If your iCloud-locked device has any Activate iPhone screen other than the far left example, DO NOT purchase this service, it’s not for you. The far left example is referred to as iCloud Status: Clean – that’s the only iCloud Status this iCloud Account Removal Service accepts.

The entire Seinfeld crew was excited to learn that their iCloud-locked iPhones could finally be used.

Make double sure of your status with a free online confirmation here.  Enter your IMEI number, press Show Info. The response required is this: 

Lost or Stolen: Clean, means your iPhone is only a day or so away from freedom.  All you need to do is enter your device IMEI in the form below, then sit back & relax as this service can take up to 3 days to complete – usually within 24 hours though.

Where do I find my IMEI? Here’s Apple’s guide.

We will email you upon completion, your device is now ready for activation.

This service has been personally tried & tested by 1024kb.co.nz staff on iPhones from 6 to XS Max, it works 100% & is covered by our famous Satisfaction Guarantee – it’s why our motto is “People Buy With Confidence From Megabyte

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