Laptop BIOS Master Password Generator Updated

Today is a good day for visitors to with the release of a new & improved updated 2019 Laptop BIOS Master Password Generator.

Now capable of providing BIOS Master Passwords for late model Dell XPS, Precision & Latitude laptops with -BF97 suffix BIOS ID, also improved -1F66 calculations too. Yup, the Laptop BIOS Master Password Generator now does even more late model laptops – for free. More requests come in for a solution Dell’s -BF97 BIOS than any other BIOS. To all those who asked – this one’s for you.

Laptop BIOS Master Password Generator Updated
Forgot your XPS Passcode? Fixed it.

There’s various other improvements too – the Fujitsu Siemens 6×4 unlocker has been added to the Laptop BIOS Master Password Generator, so there’s no need to download Python any more.

This new, improved Laptop BIOS Master Password Generator @ means that if you have a recent Dell laptop with a lost/forgotten BIOS password, you now have a choice. You can pay up to $25 on other sites then wait nervously for your code to turn up in a few hours, or you can get it here – free & immediate. I know which way I’d go.

BIOS Master Password
We’ve had enough of that!

So yeah, boot it on over to the new, improved Laptop BIOS Master Password Generator @, & get busy unlocking! (Or you could use this one.)

18 thoughts on “Laptop BIOS Master Password Generator Updated

  1. Please help, please provide bios master password.
    Core is E4C4BAF35D0C8B58
    Dell Inspiron 15-3521
    service tag- BC9XFW1

  2. Requesting an unlock code?

    Master code for Samsung laptop BIOS

    Model : NT751BBC-K03/R

    S/N : 1CAG91CM900240

    CODE : EEF9F961803774B647081219B9D10DB8367789236285

    pls help. Forgot my BIOS pass

    BIOS Password Entry Failed
    System Disabled!

    Please help !! Thank you in advance!

    1. Hey Kensin, yes, confirming that we can unlock that Samsung for you, no problem. What you do is click that PayPal button & post your transaction ID in the comments here. That’ll bring Mikrovr to the board & with him comes your password. $5 & you’re all sorted.

  3. Dell inspiron 15 3878
    Service tag: 6FQ5B12
    express service code: 14011604246

    I require a 6 digit password

  4. Acer Predator Helios 500
    Model number: PH517-51-72NU
    S/N NHQ3NAA00384718BDA7600
    SNID: 84710133876
    UNLOCK PASS KEY: 1650989080

    The key given does not work: 3gq1ouo1u1

    Please help !! Thank you in advance!

  5. Hello, this did not work for me. Harddrive #45112102H0C-6FF1 Service Tag BNBRP72.
    Do you have any hint?

  6. Toshiba R830
    PC no: 7C030215H
    Challenge Code: 8GXNY-0KADX-BMDA7-JPU2F-WWCAH

    pls help. Forgot my BIOS pass

  7. Man I’ve tried everything and get nowhere , I have never had a laptop that I couldn’t fix & this dell has no info to even tell me which model it is, but I’ve tried both set of numbers/letters that come up after I do three wrong passwords and press crack it & nothing happens.. Can anybody help me here?

Requesting an unlock code? Have you donated?

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