laptop bios password

Laptop bios passwords are fairly good protection – unless they’ve been decrypted. Once that happens, the clever decryptor often releases their decryption method publicly. The acknowledged leader in bios decryption is Dogbert – a prickly personality coupled with mathmatical brilliance – my decryption efforts got a lot more successful once I’d found his blog.

Anyways, to recover your forgotten laptop bios password, you need to generate the machine ID code. This is a response shown on screen usually after 3-5 unsuccessful attempts at entering the bios passcode – brand dependent, Asus do it differently, so do Lenovo.

Once you’ve obtained the ID code or whatever your manufacturer calls it, use my BIOS Master Password Generator┬áto recover your lost password. You’ll find the solution for (most, not all) Compaq, HP, Dell, Sony, Samsung, Fujitsu, Acer & Asus laptops with lost/forgotten BIOS passwords.

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