website portfolio

Website Portfolio

All Sites Developed On My MacBook Pro, using Photoshop, Notepad, & Google.

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Ashnet Webhost – Web Host Solution for ASH NET

Performance TestNot only is Cloudmaster secure & highly functional, it’s also finely tuned for performance – delivering rich content rapidly. This Pingdom test confirms that our efforts were worthwhile, rating performance in the top 11% of all websites.

Accord Barber Project briefed as a most impressive barbers website. Featuring powerful, dark imagery & strong motifs, including online shop. Client changed everything.

Face TV Corporate

Face TV On Demand Streaming Video Site

Sure Non-Stick Teflon Products e-Commerce Re-make

ASH NET Computer Repair


ASH NET Internet Cafes Custom Startpage
Written to order & against my styling advice.

Custom Browser Startpage featuring Google Search & local weather

Ezymow Commercial Lawnmowing

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