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All Sites developed on whatever PC I’m using with Photoshop & Notepad plus Duckduckgo for research.

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The Best Property Maintenance Co –¬†UNDER DEVELOPMENT
Deluxe Property Maintenance Services

Ashhost –¬†
Web Host Platform for ASHNET IT

Performance TestNot only is Ashhost secure & highly functional, it’s also finely tuned for performance – delivering rich content rapidly. This Pingdom test confirms that our efforts were worthwhile, rating (since renamed to performance in the top 11% of all websites.

Face TV Corporate

Cult Broadcaster Face Television, Sky 083


Two versions of the exact same html, just styled completely differently. The page structure uses the same HTML, however they both use vastly different CSS style sheets.

ASH NET Internet Cafes Custom Startpage
Written & styled to order.

My original version

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