I build websites to order, specialising in lots of acronyms that (I think) make this Industry look puffed-up & self important. As a site owner, you do not need to know what JSON, AJAX, API, DOM or any of the other stupid abbreviations mean. What you do need to know is what they (or the technologies they represent) can do for you.

Which is where  I come in. After identifying your needs & wants, I look at clever ways of using technology to enhance your website. You can have a customised pre-built open-source model (like this site) or a complete bespoke solution built just for you. (Due to the many quality open-source components available now, custom-built app prices have tumbled recently.)

Stuff like sleight-of-hand coding that provides GeoLoc relevant information to foreign site visitors (language, currency, shipping) to enhance your opportunities with the 99% of web users who don’t live locally. Or whizz-bang presentations that slip & slide across the screen, zooming in to hi-def 360° rotating product demos that remove all doubt from prospective purchasers.  To add these 360° demos to your product range, we use an iPhone app. “There’s an app for that.”

Web services like my laptop bios code generator, among a wide variety of creative options – and all linked through to your social media presence. (If you don’t yet have one, you soon will!) It all comes back to you, your business and what you want to achieve. Talk to me, let’s see what we can come up with.

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I strayed a little (what’s new?) off-topic when investigating style techniques recently. Trying to figure my way into creating a menu visualised as a blackboard with chalk writing for a repeat client who wants their online monthly specials to catch the eye. But yes, I strayed. Below is the result, 8kb of code, 37kb of images. Go ahead, pick up the chalk, have a scribble. (Best experienced with a touchscreen)

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