All sites built locally using MacBook Pro / Asus Zenbook, Notepad, Photoshop & considerable amounts of advice from Google & W3C. All sites responsively scale to mobile & are W3C compliant, SEO optimised & Google Performance tested.

No actual computers were harmed during production.

My Websites

These are all my websites.

ASH NET Web Hosting
Extensive Web Host / Cloud Computing / Domain Management site. Full Web Host Management system.
Originally cloudmaster.co.nz, now host.ashnet.co.nz. Not only is this huge site secure & highly functional, it’s also finely tuned for performance – delivering rich content rapidly.
Pingdom testing confirms that our efforts were worthwhile, rating cloudmaster.co.nz performance in the top 11% of all websites.
Ezy-Mow Commercial Lawn Mowing
Scott had an urge to build himself a website. I pointed out that I don't mow my own lawns, & produced this little gem for him.
Accord Barber
Project briefed as a most impressive barbers website. Featuring powerful, dark imagery & strong motifs, including online shop. This site really looked the part. Then the client changed everything.
Sure Teflon Products
Sure is a classic local success story, creating a market niche for their excellent Teflon sheeting products which deliver multiple health benefits . Sure products were established throughout NZ before the Internet was around, the website efficiently opens their market to an international audience as well as allowing their loyal existing clients to purchase quickly & easily.
ASH  NET Computer Repair
I was originally contracted to byte-for-byte copy an English PC Repair website. Putting aside, for the moment, moral objections, the practical objections included the original site having not ever been finished.The final NZ product does take artistic direction from the English site, adding in some real user functionality, occasional hidden humour & some cute effects.
Face TV On Demand
Concept promoted as a vital step toward independence from the fast-dying traditional pre-programmed broadcast model, allowing viewers to watch the Face TV content library at will. The concept has merit, the underlying framework exists, the execution was hijacked.
ASH NET Internet Cafes Start Page
Custom Home Page written to an order placed by a committee, the result of which is reflected in the styling. An opportunity to push the styling envelope was lost.
Alternative Start Page
My personal take on the ASH NET Custom Home Page project presented above. Featuring local temperature & simple weather, plus built-in Google search.