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handy hints

Megabyte presents a collection of handy hints for an easier & more effective computer life.

#1 – Bookmark this page. There’s sure to be something on here that you’ll want to refer to in future.

#2 – Chrome users (everybody, yeah?) – You know how you can’t pause/resume or stop/resume downloads in Chrome? Dumb-ass oversight you reckon? Well, truth be known, you can resume downloads, the feature has always been there. It’s just turned off by default.
Why? I don’t know why, at the moment I’m leaning towards a dumb-ass oversight by not-the-smartest-programmer @ Goggle.
To fix: in the address bar, type Chrome://flags, press Enter. Now scroll down to the “Enable Download Resumption” option & click the Enable link directly below. Now look to the bottom left corner, hit the Relaunch button & ka-ching, your downloads are now resumable. Like that.

#3 – Traditional software installations often display kinda out of focus on Windows 10, not totally fuzzy but certainly not sharp anyway.
Fuzzy1At first, I thought it was my eyes. But no, Microsoft has some bullshit waffle reason for this occurrence – and they blame it on the developers. Funny how the same softs worked fine on Windows 7 & the only thing that’s changed is the Windows version but it’s the developers fault? Yeah right.
Anyway, to fix this annoying little PIA – go to the program icon, right click. Properties/Compatibility – as you see below – then select Disable Display Scaling. Click Apply, OK, now re-start the program.
Fuzzy2Ka-ching! Nice sharp graphics again. Fuck you MS.
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