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FRP Unlock & Google Lock Removal Service

Announcing a new addition to the 1024kb portfolio of internet properties. In keeping with the “if they can code it in, then we can code it out” theme that occurs regularly on this website, FRPUnlock.nz has just one job – Google Lock Removal or FRP Unlocking purely for Samsung Galaxy phones & tablets.

Super-Fast FRP Unlocks

The real point of difference that FRPUnlock.nz has is our speed of service. All unlocks take less than 2 minutes to complete – & we support the entire Samsung Galaxy range – S20, Flip Z, Tab S, Note 20 – every single model has its Google Lock removed inside 2 minutes.

You make the decision to stop fucking around watching ad after ad on YouTube (how much is your time really worth? Because they’re hardly compelling videos you’re watching.) & make the $NZ49 (€23.50) investment. It’ll take longer to go through PayPal Express than it will to remove the FRP Lock from your Samsung Galaxy. You could be talking on your newly-activated Galaxy in ten minutes from now!

Readers Incentive

As a special incentive for 1024kb readers, use the coupon code “1024kb_discount” & you’ll get a 10% discount – $NZ5 off the purchase price. Offer valid until 31/01/21.

Bulk sales or Dealer enquiries are welcome. Use the Contact form on FRPUnlock.nz to contact me.