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Signal Private Messenger

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Following on from the Australian law demanding that citizen-enforced privacy by encryption be broken, allowing any key-holder to examine previously private data at will, inviting the question What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Well, this:

I mean really, is this not what you expected? Or do the Australian politicians & their bureacrat staff just traipse down the path of life singing “Tra la la la la” whilst throwing flowers in the air & thinking that nothing will ever go wrong?

As private citizens, there is a perfect solution to private communication concerns. Get Signal Private Messenger. Signal is a fully-featured communication platform for talk, text, image, video & document transmission that provides complete anonymity to both parties. Signal Private Messenger is free, trusted & proven open-source software available for your Android Phone or 4G Tablet, iPhone or 4G iPad, PC, Mac or Linux computer. Recommended by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, an independent non-profit working to protect online privacy for nearly thirty years, their Surveillance Self Defence is a vital read.

Get Signal Private Messenger here:
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(At least one Australian politician ensures his own privacy – former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is a well-known Signal user.)