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gee, thanks adobe

<sarcasm>thank you for the education, Adobe.</sarcasm>

This, screen-grabbed from adobe.com. Read it & weep.

In reality (not US legal paranoia speak) having your brand name enter the lexicon as a verb is an incredibly powerful occurrence, usually describing the product as the inventor of its market & recognizing it as the dominant innovator.  Think Hoover, Google et al.

We all use Photoshop – whoops, we all use Adobe® Photoshop® as a verb,  let’s get real. And why, why may I ask, is it not adobe®.com? Go on, do it.  I dare ya.

Who do you blame?  The lawyers?  Or the freaks who called the lawyers?
IMG_1521-0gee, thanks adobe
Am I expected to email this to all digital artists at the TV station where I work, instructing them to cease & desist with the informal usage of the word Premiere?  And then stride the office like a software police, correcting  every time someone breaks Adobe’s rules? Fuck off.

And anyway, how do you pronounce ® ™ or © vocally? They choose to abbreviate the terms when written down so surely they must have a verbal equivalent? Or are they silent annotations? Fuck knows, and nobody cares.