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uTorrent/Bittorrent ad-free hack

A double value post today peoples, a quick and easy hack to remove the ads from uTorrent and it’s sibling BitTorrent too. But first some history…

Long-term users of uTorrent fondly remember the lightweight, fast & effective torrent client that uTorrent was. It was also free, as in beer. Which obviously means that the development & particularly distribution needed funding or the project will die.

Although the democratic borderless environment that we call Interwebs would appear to suit voluntary contribution, in reality no-one pays. Actually that’s not fair, someone did pay, once. A dollar. So that voluntary idea is fail.

And, out of economic necessity, uTorrent became ad-driven. Not just one little banner though, every single bit of spare real estate was decorated – to the point where uTorrent looked almost as gaudy as downtown Seoul on Saturday night. Almost, not quite.

And the option? You pays some money & you gets the Pro version. No ads there boy.

So let me get this straight – two separate versions, one free with ads, the other ad-free with purchase price? Yes? Or…. is it really the same softs with ads turned off in uTorrent Pro? That would seem to be the logical solution. The website does claim various additional features for the Pro version but it’s the fkn ads that I’m wanting gone and now! Oh, and the repetitively offered “bonus bundles.” Whatever they are, I don’t want them. Or ads. No ads, no bundles.

So, lets us take a nosey at our favourite (still favourite, just pissing us off with the ads) Torrent client. Ah, Options, lets look here. Oh, Preferences – getting warmer I’m sure. Ah hah! Advanced – that’s where the real settings are!!

Select each one of these options individually, then switch each setting to false:


Then, there’s the hidden menu. Why you wanna hide from me, eh? Come here…

Hidden menu = Options > Preferences > Hold F2/Shift while clicking Advanced:


That’s it, torrenteers, all done. Your uTorrent is now both free and ad-free. As is your BitTorrent too.

This has been another public announcement by 1024kb in the interest of your online satisfaction.