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spyware alert!

The world’s biggest spyware installation ever is underway, right now. PC users, if you haven’t installed it already then it’s in your system tray, waiting for the opportunity. I’ve indicated the icon below for you.






Yup, that’s correct, Microsoft want to load your computer with the spyware package from hell, and call it Windows 10.

Remember the fuss when Apple loaded the (then) new U2 album on everyone’s iDevices? It may have been without charge, but it was also without permission.

Microsoft do, in this case, ask for your permission to download & install Win 10 on your computer, just like the U2 album, it’s free. Unlike the U2 album though, there’s a catch. Your privacy is gone. In a massive way, it’s gone. Areas you wouldn’t even think of, invaded by this huge spyware infestation masquerading as a free gift.

Luckily for you, Megabyte is a bit concerned at corporate privacy invasion & spends inordinate amounts of time investigating how to keep their noses out of our business. And then reports his findings back here for your benefit. Because Windows 10 ain’t too bad – it’s certainly no ME/Vista/8 type nightmare – you’re probably going to want to use it.

Look, Microsoft made Bill Gates’ fortune. He’s given over half of it away yet he’s still “The World’s Richest Man” – so that company knows how to make money. Granted, they’ve had some royal fuck-ups along the way, but they’re still the dominant OS provider. Microsoft has changed their financial model with Windows 10 – this time it’s a no charge install, a la the freemium model pioneered by phone app developers.

Previously, you paid once and that was it. With Win 10 it’s a forced delivery that presents as free. Then you start paying, and continue to until, well, until the 12th of never.  For example, the Solitaire game is now ad-supported, therefore income-producing, unless you want to pay $9.99/year for ad-free. There’s more, much more.

But first, a quick rant…
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