Bitlocker Encryption

Bitlocker Encryption is now implemented on your storage drive involuntary by Microsoft. Thanks for nothing, you twats. So when that awful blue screen pops up demanding the Bitlocker encryption key, which you swear you have no knowledge of – you’re right, you didn’t put it there. Microsoft, as usual, have several circular references in their Help pages, none of which get to the point in a hurry. They’ll claim you saved the Bitlocker encryption key on a USB drive or wrote it down or saved it to OneDrive – nope, didn’t do that either. What really happened is that MS saved the Bitlocker encryption key to a hidden sector of your OneDrive – you won’t see it by looking in the OneDrive online storage (**holding back the sarcasm**) To find your keys, go to & sign in with the MS account you use on your afflicted PC. Your keys are right there, your problem is solved.