Developed for & by IT professionals,
Hack Attack Windows Toolkit by 1024kb
is the ultimate repair tool.

Hack Attack Windows Toolkit by 1024kb is a prebuilt Win10 PE installation with 200+ freeware tools to repair almost any PC problem, compiled onto a quality, brand name 32GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive.

* Lost file recovery – photos, music, documents, data
* Lost partition repair
* Forensic Analysis
* Virus/malware solutions
* Lost/forgotten password find/change/remove
* Network password recovery
* Windows registry tools
* Drive backup & imaging
* Many, many more vital tools – over 4.5GB total
* Plus an installable, updatable Windows 10 Pro/Home

All wrapped up in a MBR/GPT multi-boot package & compiled onto a 32GB quality brand-name USB 3.0 drive.

All Hack Attack Windows Toolkit by 1024kb drives are built from the latest Win10 release & Individually tested before being couriered to your doorstep.

Representing hundreds of hours combined R&D, this superb IT toolkit is now available for general purchase – Recommended for IT Professionals, Repair Shops, IT Students, Company IT staff, Website Admins, PC Hobbyists even Computerologists.

All software is provided completely free of charge.

For the hardware & compiling individual flash drives to order we charge just $NZ55 + P&P.

Hack Attack Windows Toolkit by 1024kb fully repays your investment on the very first job!


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