The Ultimate Windows Toolkit



“Made by Professionals for Professionals”


1024kb Ultimate Windows Toolkit

is a bootable Windows 10 PE installation with 200+ freeware tools to repair almost any PC problem, compiled onto a quality, brand name 32GB USB 3.1 Flash Drive.

How To:

Simply insert the 1024kb Ultimate Windows Toolkit drive into a USB port, then reboot selecting USB as your source drive. 

Windows 10 PE will boot, offering a huge selection of powerful & effective problem-solving utilities. Choose the relevant category, then select your program of choice. There’s a wide selection on offer…

1024kb Ultimate Windows Toolkit

contains its own Windows 10 PE Operating System & runs independently of the existing installation, allowing unhindered access to the existing built-in drives & partitions.

Insert into USB port, reboot, select USB Drive – here comes magic!

What’s Included:
  • Lost File Recovery – Photos, Music, Documents, Emails, Data
  • Damaged Partition Repair – fix up the f**k up
  • BCD/MBR Tools for when your Windows just wont boot
  • Encryption / Decryption – Industry Standard tools
  • Driver Management – easily identify rogue drivers
  • Hard Disk Tools – check performance, capacity & reliability
  • Forensic Analysis – non-destructive history & file analysis
  • RAID / NAS Recovery – Recover lost files from remote RAID arrays & NAS boxes
  • Virus/Malware/Rootkit Solutions – rip that infection right out
  • Lost/Forgotten Password Find/Change/Remove – fixed in 2 minutes
  • Convert MBR to GPT without reformatting – modernise your Windows without reinstalling
  • Did I say Lost Photo Recovery already? Stops you from being in trouble
  • Network Password Recovery – Quick & easy
  • Frozen Chickens – not really
  • Drive Backup & Imaging – Back up, Back up, Back up
  • Plus many, many more essential tools – over 4.5GB total
  • Also includes an updateable Windows 10 / Office 2019 Multi-Version installer

All wrapped up in a dual MBR/GPT (boots BIOS & UEFI) package & compiled onto a quality, brand-name 32GB USB 3.1 flash drive.

Each 1024kb Ultimate Windows Toolkit drive is built from the latest Windows 10 PE & individually tested before being couriered to you.

Hundreds of hours R&D went into developing this superb IT toolkit – you will recover your investment the very first time you use it.

Accelerate your learning curve with 1024kb Ultimate Windows Toolkit.


Highly recommended for:

* IT professionals
* PC Repair Shops
* IT Students
* Husbands in trouble with wives because they deleted baby photos
* Company IT staff
* Website Admins
* PC Hobbyists
* Computerologists

Highly recommended by:

* Megabyte – I keep an Ultimate Windows Toolkit in my bag 27/4, & use it at least twice each week. It’s my go-to solution for almost any tricky IT problem.

To all those peeps who regularly forget passwords – this one’s for you. Your Windows logon problem is solved.

Ultimate Windows Toolkit saves you time & money from the very first job. Easy to use, quick & effective to operate – all your Windows tools stored in one place. An entire professional IT toolkit attached to your keyring.

All software is provided completely free of charge.

For providing the 32GB Flash Drive, compiling & testing, + delivery we charge a modest fee.

1024kb Ultimate Windows Toolkit will repay your investment on the very first job!


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