was my password hacked?

Was your password hacked in the massive data breach at Adobe/LinkedIn/Sony etc.?

I know mine wasn’t, I’ve checked already. I don’t know about yours though, but neither do you. And you really do need to do something about that.

First up, consider changing your password management policy. Instead of relying on inherently unreliable humans (you) to create/remember/apply/keep safe your Internet passwords, start using a Password Manager. That’s an extension to your web browser that takes over whenever a page requires a password. For new accounts, it’ll generate a random pass, save it and apply it whenever you return to that website. An essential feature is that the program must be cross-platform – you need a matching app for your other web-capable devices – be they iOS, Android, whatever. The result? Strong password security without taxing your memory, that works seamlessly when you switch between devices. Sweet.

Of the password managers I’ve tried and trust, 1Password is a universally recommended solution and well worth your consideration. My favourite though, is LastPass – I prefer the less-intrusive manner it operates with. Intrusive, pop-up, look-at-me software is not my preference, ever. Both my recommendations are cross-platform, PC/Mac plus mobile apps for Android, iPhone and even Windows Phone.

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LastPass also offer us – all of us – the opportunity to check whether or not your password was in fact one of those taken in one of the high-profile data thefts. \0/ Head here to check the Adobe breech, roll down the page to check LinkedIn and others.

While you’re there, my advice is to spend a few minutes reading about the LastPass product range then install the ones you need.

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