BIOS Master Password

Laptop BIOS Master Password Generator

Bypass laptop BIOS passwords on Dell, Sony, Asus, Acer, Samsung, Fujitsu, Toshiba, HP, Compaq & more brand name laptops with the BIOS Master Password Generator! \0/

Updated April 2018, now includes Asus date codes & Dell 1F66/6FF1 codes!
(as mentioned here)

Those manufacturers listed above – your BIOS is brake. All your password are belong to us.

8-digit BIOS provided by Insyde H20 and 5-digit Phoenix BIOS are also pwnd.

Seen this before? Bios-locked & password lost, that’s what that screen indicates.  But the 20-digit machine ID code displayed can often be decrypted to reveal the BIOS password. (That code reveals a Fujitsu-Siemens laptop with password 9538393.)

BIOS Master Password


When you open a laptop & find yourself faced with the immediate black BIOS password screen & absolutely no idea of what password you used, all you gotta do is come to this page @ Most HP, Compaq, Dell, Toshiba, Samsung, Sony, Acer, Asus or Fujitsu laptop BIOS passwords can be revealed.

Anyway, grab the Machine ID Code – sometimes called the Service Tag – usually displayed after submitting a few (3-5) incorrect codes.

In the case of Asus laptops it’s the date code you require – press Alt +R at the password prompt. Take that date & enter it in the BIOS Master Password Generator below.

On some HP/Dell machines, you may need to press Right Ctrl+Enter to show the ID code – & Left Ctrl+Enter to submit the password.

Now enter that code in the box below. When you’ve got your master password, please leave a comment, tell us about your win…

HP Elite / ProBook owners there is an alternative method available for you here in the downloads section. Highly effective on vulnerable machines, full instructions included.

Most of the credit for the BIOS Master Password Generator belongs to Dogbert. Get the source code here.

29 thoughts on “Laptop BIOS Master Password Generator

  1. please please help ,
    i have a proof of purchase of laptop fujitsu lifebook AH531
    I forgot my bios password ,I can’t boot can you please help ?

    1. Richard, Vaio VGN uses the notorious 4×4 pattern one-time BIOS code where the 4×4 code changes each reboot – hence the one-time reference.
      Go ahead, grab the 16 digits showing on your errant laptop screen & enter them into the BIOS Master Password Generator. Click the Crack It button & you’ll have your answer.
      If you are doing this remotely, make sure the Vaio doesn’t shut down between you taking the 4×4 code & entering the master password.

  2. i have a samsung laptop my code is an 18 diget one:50E0B09B6E77BD9C231 but “dogbert”‘s
    only goes to a 12 didget code what do i do in this situation?

  3. Yes! It worked! God, I have been trying to solve this problem for days. I have a Dell Latitude E7440. My code ended in 6FF1 and I used the ‘Dell from serial number’ password that this page generated. I entered the password and then pressed left-control and enter. BINGO!

  4. my codes will not work it’s tag 7YWKNJ2-6FF1 I’m pushing crtl+enter but no luck can you help me out

  5. I Cant get the button to respond after i enter my service tag. its a dell latitude e6440 service tag 8x6td12 and the machine id is 238QSK1K2AA-1F66. CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME?

    1. Hi Steve, bugger, I was doing some updating on that page this morning, must have forked something up. I just tried it with Chrome on my iPad though, here’s your code – S8EME9kKDUMUVqof

  6. I just ran a Dell 6FF1 UEFI successfully, B02HMC2-6FF1 was the Asset Code, master password response generated fz0Ibn3vHw321fNs – which is correct.

    Two points to consider: the 4th character is an upper case i – not lower l, & even if you have entered the password correctly, you still need to hold the right-side Ctrl key when you press Enter.

    1. Hi John, it’s not so much the laptop manufacturer that’s relevant here, it’s the bios provider who is targeted.

      Award bios is used by several laptop manufacturers, for example. Award own Phoenix, there’s also Insyde & AMI brand bios too. Very rarely do the manufacturers write their own custom bios. Even if the bios is self-branded, there’s a high likelihood of simple rebranding going on.

      If your (insert brand name here) laptop has a bios that reports back with a challenge code – This Laptop XYZ123456 Is Locked – or similar, then you know that the possibility of decoding the password exists.

      I don’t have a Toshiba laptop & I’m not certain who makes the bios in those models you mention.

      My best suggestion is to give it a go, it’s free to use & I’d be interested to know the answer too.

      Cheers, thanks for stopping by

  7. I’ve updated the decrypting JavaScript to include later model laptops today. It’s still a case of “some, not all” but this solution does cover the majority of brand name laptop manufacturers – Dell, HP, Sony, Acer, Samsung etc, and now includes their late model products too.

  8. Is not working. Button not even respond. Stupid button… Okay I make joke, that was joke. Is a nice button.

    Can you help with fix or workaround? Maybe I do something wrong, but still I get no error code.

    I enter my challenge code: AL2MY-N48VX-2TD8G-JH4UH-KCG5K

    1. What brand of laptop is giving you that response code?

      As it says up the top of the page – for some, not all laptops. Maybe (sadly) this is not one that the decryptor works on.

  9. So like my boyfriend says “no, that laptop is f**ked” and I think “I’m gonna go ask Megabyte” and I don’t even ask, I just use this page. I put the code numbers and letters in then click Decrypt and Yis! it worked!! And all my friends are going “Yis, girl power!” and now I am a l33t haXX0r!

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