A few freebies to take home with you. Both virus-free & cost-free. No refunds, no exceptions.

Time Teller Screensaver

I built this satirical take on digital time late last century using Macromedia Flash. Steve Jobs put an end to the Flash file format so I updated it to HTML 5. It’s an oldie but a goodie & it goes a little something like this:

Time Teller Windows Screensaver

HP Elite / Probook BIOS Password Tool

An extremely effective method of removing BIOS passwords from certain HP Elitebook / Probook laptops. Created by Mazzif, this is the updated version of his original tool. Contains full instructions, be sure to read them before you start.

Mazzif’s HP BIOS Password Tool

Signal Private Messenger

The strongest message I give to all site visitors is to insist on privacy as a basic human right. The first step is to secure your communications. Signal Private Messenger is the app that provides perfect private communication for voice & messages, available for Android, iOS & Desktop.

Even if you take nothing else from here, you should take this. Downloads are direct from the relevant provider

  • Android
  • iPhone
  • Desktop

  • Fujitsu Siemens laptop master password generator

    Now built in to the Laptop Master Password Generator, but if you’d like to play with Python 2.6 (must be version 2.6) & generate your own master password @ home, here’s the script.

    For 6×4 hexadecimal BIOS passwords on Fujitsu Siemens laptops.

    Python script

    World’s Most Popular Passwords

    Through the online genius of password security checking sites such as haveibeenpwned & Mark Burnett’s painstaking research at Xato, comes a list covering some 99% of all passwords ever used – & there’s only 10,000,000 of them! 85Mb download, for password, math & security geeks everywhere.

    10M Passwords

    12 thoughts on “downloads

    1. Need help!! BIOS Password Reset HP 17-x007ds

      I can’t boot by laptop. Bios password was forgotten. The error message says

      System Disabled
      [i 88525613]

    2. Need administrators password for hp laptop..the number that pops up is (I 76055245)and it says system disable can u help with administration code?

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