Some freebie souvenirs to take away with you.

♦  Time Teller Screensaver – an old skool classic: Screensaver
By old-skool I mean late last century. It was 1998 when I first built the Time Teller screensaver. Updated in 2009 & 2010 (minor cosmetic changes), it’s still a favourite screensaver on my desktop and is used as my calling card – quietly installed on every PC I work on. If you see the Time Teller on a PC, chances are that I’ve been there (or they’ve been here).

Time Teller screensaver was built in Adobe Flash, which is now deprecated for web & will not display on iDevices and most other portables, but is still the standard for Windows screensavers. The .swf format was replaced by HTML5 animation for universal online use. & it goes a little something like this:

♦  Ad-free Androids: here
Free your ‘Droid from Advertisements with this heavily modified Hosts file which disallows traffic from thousands of advertising networks and addresses.
By default blank, this special hosts file contains thousands of web addresses of known advertising sites and networks – blocking them all. No system resource drain, it’s all win

My manually-installed Hosts file method has been superceded now. I recommend Lucky Patcher which does the job faster & without fuss. & has a whole lot more functionality too.

 Windows 10 Anti-Spy: here
As promised in my Windows 10-flavoured post Spyware Alert, here’s the Hosts file that rids your system of invasive Microsoft reporting & advertisement delivery. Refusing connection to fully 55 of Microsoft’s”services”, this tiny file provides great user-benefit. (Services aren’t necessarily for you, Microsoft provide services mainly for themselves.)

How To:
It’s a tiny download – 0.5kb approx. Unzip, extract the hosts file (no suffix, just hosts).  In your Search Windows box in your System Tray, type cmd then right click on Command Prompt & Run As Administrator.

CD to wherever your new Hosts is extracted to – (CD C:\Users\YourUserName\Downloads\
press enter)  Next, copy this line into the Command window:  XCOPY hosts %windir%\System32\Drivers\etc /-Y  press Enter, confirm overwriting, pr0fit.

Quick & easy hosts file hacking courtesy of Megabyte @!

 Mazzif’s BIOS/UEFI Password Removal For HP ProBook/EliteBook: here (32.66Mb)
Originally posted widely online as freeware, then disclaimed by the author & rather rudely withdrawn from each & every filehost. This tool works, & regarding the blanket takedown? Never fear, the Internet is here!

How To:
You were smart enough to find the files, I’m sure you can find the instructions too. Readme file included with binaries.

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  1. George, you egg, of course it’ll play. It’s more a case of “I don’t know how to make it play” isn’t it? Look, next time you’re online on your laptop, install this Chrome Extention which will let me take over your screen & show you how to make a screensaver work. And how to cut & paste while I’m at it.
    FFS, is this where my life is heading?

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  2. Thanks for the HP Elitebook BIOS files, Megabyte. I’ve been looking for these for ages, glad somebody thought to re-upload them. Keep up the good work.

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