HP Printer Admin Locked [Solved]


My innate hatred of printers is a fairly well-known thing, & I personally believe that printers do not like me either – I’m talking the device here, not the tradesmen – they’re usually ok. So HP Printer Admin Locked [Solved] is a post title that brings me much satisfaction.  HP like to keep their device unlocking mechanisms to themselves, no-one has yet managed to decrypt & recreate smc.bin files for example.  Finding your own HP unlock solution can be a bit of a tricky experience.

Even though I both  dislike & distrust printers, occasionally I need one. Need, not want. Usually for scanning. So I went against my natural instincts & purchased an HP Officejet Pro 6960, one of these:

HP Printer Admin Locked [Solved]

This is a well-specced 3-in-1 device, WiFi, Web Services, All the things.


When I admitted that I needed a printer, I dealt with the urge quickly – an hour later I walked into the local retailer where I looked for & found the biggest discount on a brand-name printer in store then bought it – all in maybe 5 minutes. It took longer to get served than to choose the device. I just wanted a PSC that would do what it’s told, when it’s told. & I must admit, this one did look rather well-behaved.

This strategy of purchasing the item with the biggest $ discount offered usually satisfies my compulsion for pride of ownership & good value whilst exposing me to the retail experience only minimally. Shopping, yuck.

Whoops, Locked

Now I’m not the only one who uses my printer – in general, I don’t mind this, you’re welcome to use it – just don’t break it. I’ll pay for the paper & the ink, just don’t fuck around with it because it’s not yours.  Annoyingly, another user refuses to take my advice of “when you have an IT problem, call me” instead, he prefers to fuck around pushing buttons. The nett effect of this policy was this:

HP Printer Admin  locked

Yep, Admin Locked. Just about every useful setting was now untouchable. FFS.

Of course the above image came with denials too. “I didn’t do that! All I did was…” IT peeps have heard that one before, that’s the “I didn’t do it” story. Anyway, the locking didn’t really affect anything, seeing as the printer was already set up, accessible on the network & doing what printers are supposed to do. So I kinda forgot about the Admin Lock…

Problem Arises

Until very recently that is, when I moved the printer to another location & the Admin Lock reared its ugly head by refusing to allow permission to join the new WiFi network. & a bunch of other refusals too. Refusing to do my bidding? Grrr. It’s fkn useless with this damn Admin Lock thing in place!


Was I going to accept that the lock was a permanent thing? Hell no! Not without some research & experimentation anyway. First up, the User manual. Nope, nothing in there, what a waste of time reading that was. It’d be more productive shaving your head with a cheese grater.

Next step – Hewlett Packard are a massive company with a comprehensive range of product, so it follows that they’d also have a huge online support presence. Their consumer product support forums are a fountain of knowledge – if you know how to look. Every question is repeated over & over, per model & per year, as new owners flock to the forums with exactly the same problem as last year’s purchasers did. Sorting the fluff from the feathers isn’t always easy.

Plus, as mentioned above, HP have a policy of keeping their unlock mechanisms to themselves. **sigh**  So I wasn’t surprised to see the regular response to a “Halp! My HP Printer is Admin Locked” query being  an HP employee posting “I have sent the secret sauce to your Inbox.” Which is no use to anybody – except the recipient. Could I be bothered posting the same question & waiting for the same answer? No, I could not.

Some quick hackity hack hack hack on the keyboard & I found myself a copy of the secret sauce email. Which will no longer be secret sauce, from today the solution will be just plain old sauce. Because there’s no need to keep this knowledge secret any more. It’s not that important, releasing this information will cause exactly zero deaths. Nobody die.

OK, so your HP Printer is Admin Locked.  Here’s what you do:

From the home screen press the unlit Return icon 3 times very quickly.  The screen will then change to show a single menu item – “Support Menu” which you’ve never seen before.

Next, yes, you’ve guessed it – Press “Support Menu”

Use the up / down arrows to select “Resets Menu” & press OK. By now, you’re feeling the thrill of the chase.

You can select either of two choices:

Partial reset or

Semi-Full reset – grab this one to clear your Admin Lock & return the HP Printer to out-of-box settings. Selecting this will turn the printer off, so you’ll need to use the Power On switch to fire it up again.

Follow those simple steps & your printer has returned control to you.  \0/

11 thoughts on “HP Printer Admin Locked [Solved]

  1. Mine will not turn off unless I unplug it and then it’s comes on but does not fully reboot. The on and off button does not work

  2. It didn’t work for me. I get to the Support Menu but don’t get a Reset Menu option. Please help.

  3. This worked! Thank you!
    For those who cannot find the back button it is on the left-hand side of the screen at the bottom

  4. You are incredible!!! I have been locked out of my network settings for over a year and tirelessly searching solution after solution. This worked flawlessly. Thank you so much!

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