BIOS Master Password Generator Updated

BIOS Master Password Generator Updated

It’s update time again for one of the most popular pages here on – the BIOS Master Password Generator for those who’ve lost/forgotten their laptop BIOS passwords.

This update adds tier one manufacturer Asus to the list that includes HP/Compaq, Dell, Samsung, Acer, Sony, Fujitsu and more.

We’ve also extended the functionality to cover two more Dell series (1F66 & 166F) and the notorious Sony one-time 4×4 BIOS password.

Asus, Sony, Dell & HP – all your BIOS are belong to us.

If you don’t recall the correct password, a BIOS password lock is a security measure that can render a laptop useless.  As they’re stored only on the laptop, there’s no official online recovery available – like your Google account, for example. Forgotten BIOS passwords often mean expensive trouble, whether you get your manufacturer to provide a solution or purchase a BIOS Master Password from an EBay seller – not to mention the stress & drama of having to find the way past without using your laptop (it’s locked – you can’t use it!)

Luckily, most manufacturers provide a unique per-machine ID code that, after decrypting with the correct algorithm, will reveal the BIOS master password. The BIOS Master Password Generator here @ helps those who’ve lost or forgotten their BIOS passwords to recover them – for free. All that we ask is that you leave a comment & tell your friends.

15 thoughts on “BIOS Master Password Generator Updated

    1. For desktop PC, any desktop PC, check your manual to find the BIOS reset button or pins on your motherboard. Or simply disconnect from power, remove CMOS battery & replace 30 seconds later.

  1. Hi admin, i have a Lenovo G580, I bought it from RECYCLING COMPANY, and it has BIOS Password, If I type wrong password 3 times, a message shows on the screen; ” SYSTEM LOCKED”. Please assist.

    1. You should head over to Twitter, look up @JamesTran4077 – he can solve your Lenovo BIOS problem. He’ll charge a small fee, but it’s worth it for a fast, effective & permanent unlock. Tell him Megabyte sent you.

  2. I guess it doesn’t support 7-digit Passwords yet? Can you help me with my Dell? Thanks!

    Service Tag: CZWSN320

  3. Requiero la contraseña de BIOS de un Sony Vaio SVE11125CLB
    S/N: 54510110 0015523
    Service TAG: C60BSAY7

  4. I’m having trouble. I’ve tried the codes with every enter combo. It’s a Dell 13-7359. Tag #G29QVB2-6FF1

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Press & hold the Left Ctrl key. Carefully enter the BIOS master password. Keep holding Ctrl key. Press Enter. You may need to press Enter twice.

  5. thx, I will check it in the evening. It is generate from Dougberts calculator? I read that vosto has change algoritm..

    1. Maybe they do, I’m not aware of that. I don’t have a Vostro here for examination. You could always contact Dell Support, they are often quite helpful.

    1. uvqzot4n

      If Right Ctrl + Enter doesn’t work, try Left Ctrl + Enter.

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