Does the D in DNC stand for Dunce?

I only have a macabre interest in the US elections, like how you can’t tear your eyes away from an impending  train wreck.  This time around it’s not a matter of American citizens voting for who’d be the best president, it’s the inverse, they’re busy deciding who’d be the least worst president. (In the entire history of the USA)

The recent news of a Russian-sponsored hack on the Democrat National Comittee email server added some cosmopolitan interest to the otherwise exclusively American charade. Putin fingered as the ringleader, Trump suddenly thinking he’s got a new friend (that would make a total of 1).

Not only are the nominees substantially corrupt & morally bankrupt, they’re supported by teams of morons. How do I know this? Look below, read, then shake your head in amazement at the utter naivity of the sender.

Published yesterday (16/9/2016) on Wikileaks, screenshot by me & posted here for your  viewing pleasure.


Really, are they that dumb? Yes, obviously they are.

& me, I don’t know whether to categorise this post as Security or Humour.  It’s gotta be humour, because there is no security at the DNC HQ. Nor common sense.

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