how to find easter eggs

Easter Eggs, in case you didn’t already know, is a term for undocumented, hidden features in software applications. Kinda like a geek signature with a flourish, which in some cases may never even be revealed. Android devices have Easter Eggs tucked away, in the case of Android 5 – codename Lollipop – it’s a remake of the insanely-popular Flappy Birds game. No matter what version of ‘Droid you’re running, you can access the Easter Egg in the same manner. Here’s how: Go to Settings, scroll to the bottom of the list. Push About Device, you’ll see this screen: sam1 Okay, Android Version – push on that several times quickly in succession. The screen converts to this one – sam2 The system confirms it is in fact Lollipop. (or Kit Kat or Ice Cream Sandwich or whatever your Android version is) Now tap the lollipop – there’s all the different coloured lollipops for ya. Whatever, moving on. This time, long push on the lollipop – sam3 Did you ever play Flappy Bird? Here’s the ‘Droid clone – a nice little Easter Egg that the developers tucked away for inquisitive people like you (who read sites like this) to find.

(All images proudly displayed by the 1024kb Galaxy Note 10.1 SM-600 in its debut modelling performance.)

PS: As an extra Easter egg bonus, once you’ve run the hidden game, go check your Daydream options (that’s the screensaver-like function under Display) – now you have an extra choice available there. 

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