This Is Gold

From the Spanish Laughing Guy series of parody video, this is gold. Unless you’re a Liverpool supporter.

A poem:

Kill yourself, that’s suicide.
Kill an entire race, that’s genocide.
Can’t win the Premier League for 30 years, that’s Merseyside.

Liverpool, famous for oh-so-nearly winning the EPL until something happens., like Gerard’s fateful slip in 2014. Six years later though, things were different. A record 30 points in front & odds-on to complete the season unbeaten, winning the FA Cup a mere formality, & who would bet against the reigning European champions retaining their title? Brave men only.

Then came the heavy hand of fate – who obviously is not a ‘pool supporter. Three opponents of differing quality over 2 weeks – EPL relegation candidates Watford, sadly misfiring Chelsea in the FA cup & Champions League knockout vs Atletico Madrid, rebuilding after the sale of their superstar footballers.

This Liverpool line-up, feted as the greatest Reds iteration ever, was expected to roll over the top of all 3, flattening them & everyone else who challenged their destiny….

Ok, hit play now.

That laughter is so infectious. Because really, those few weeks when a dream so real it could almost be touched was shattered by a series of impossible to predict events, brought the most hilarious series of calamities to a club just busting to get that monkey off their back. Let me have a look – nope, still there.

I have two favourite teams – Manchester United & whoever is playing Liverpool.