iDevices, be they iPhone, iPad, iPod or iMac have an unbelievable acceptance by consumers around the globe – jailbreak makes them even more appealing. Even in stock standard form, they’re perceived as everything that anybody could ever want and more – all that & a bag of chips.

Here’s a bit of enlightment for ya – you know what this is?
Yobee queue
Taken with my Galaxy S5, this is the queue outside Yobee, the Apple store in Auckland’s premier Newmarket shopping strip, just a few hours before the iPhone 6 release. As you can see, the only attendee (security guard) is paid to be there. Just like the┬ámajority of any queues to buy Apple product.

I call bullshit, readers, bullshit. The widely-reported phenomenon of iDevice hysteria is a myth created by PR spend.

I gotta give some credit though, this wall of marketing bullshit is usually backed up by some pretty cool product. It has to be, there’s gotta be something to support the best underground marketing campaign in history.

The products though, are locked down by a crippling iOS environment. Installing iOS on that slick hardware is akin to putting handcuffs on the device. Hardware options taken for granted in competing products are locked off – Bluetooth functionality for example. Same with software – try buying an iPhone app from anywhere other than the Apple Store.

Enter the Jailbreak

checkra1n jailbreak happening

I couldn’t cope with these artificial limitations on the devices that I paid real money to own. Enter the Jailbreak. That’s the term used to describe hacking Apple’s locked-down iOS, an action that leads to some serious enhancements for your iDevices.

Apple TV suddenly has hundreds of channels available instead of 10-15. Bluetooth radios are free to communicate with non-Apple devices & are no longer limited to sound transfer. Users are able to apply granular control over which apps access the Internet and what data they can access. There’s more – more, more, more.

I wouldn’t have an iDevice if it weren’t for jailbreaking. I find artificial limits infuriating, always have. It’s not without risk.  Although you can’t physically destroy your iDevice, you can wreck the software install – requiring an urgent yet time-consuming complete restore and setup, along with the expected data loss.

If you’re interested in such consumer-level hacking, I encourage you to go for it. Back up your data first then go for it. Get out there, start learning. Be prepared for a steep but rewarding learning curve. Accept that you’ll make mistakes but with some diligent application you’ll become competent with about 18months-2years experience under your belt.

There is another, eminently more sensible way. Talk to the jailbreak specialists @ 1024kb. Our charge is a lot less than the time you’ll need to invest in jailbreak education. We offer a bespoke JB service, hacking & cracking our way to a device that operates how you want it to.

Want to know more about bespoke jailbreak? Call me, the number is on my card.

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  1. Haha! Great infos couldn’t agree more. Jailbreaking is the way to go for limited modifications on iPhone. I’ll definitely ask you for a jailbreaking services next time Megabyte ­čÖé

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