Windows Toolkit Updated

1024kb Windows Toolkit

Updated 1024kb Windows Toolkit available now!

Calling all PC enthusiasts,  IT Professionals, dedicated hobbyists & System Administrators – would a Windows Toolkit that solves almost any PC problem benefit you?

Got a PC problem? Insert the 1024kb Windows Toolkit into a USB slot & reboot, press F12 to select 1024kb Windows Toolkit as your boot drive. The PC will now boot up from an independent Windows PE install, packed with cutting-edge solutions to almost every PC problem.

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 Effectively Solve:

Lost File Recovery

Malware Removal

Lost Password Solutions

Hardware Analysis & Reporting

Forensic Analysis

Data Destruction & Low Level Format

Registry Recovery

Dual Boot Installations


Network Troubleshooting / Optimising

Partition Repair

Booting Solutions

Ransomware Decryption

Virus & Rootkit Removal

Drive Cloning & Backup

Windows Activation

Database Repair



All these tools & much, much more are integrated into a bootable USB drive that we call the 1024kb Windows Toolkit

The freshly-updated 1024kb Windows Toolkit boots to fully operational around 2.5 x quicker than previous versions, & is now user-customisable & updateable.

You Set The Price:
We leave it up to you to decide how much this tool is worth. Donate to the project & you receive a copy of the 1024kb Windows Toolkit.

1024kb Windows Toolkit
contains premium quality tools for solving almost any PC problem. Suitable for hobbyists through IT Professionals. Selected for effectiveness & ease of use, the toolbox turns problems into opportunities.

1024kb Windows Toolkit pays for itself the very first time you use it.

Grab your 1024kb Windows Toolkit  here