We’ve all gotta make a living, so I’m available for hire.

You can call me for pretty much anything that can be defined as an IT project.

From sorting your home router to configuring Mikrotik load-balancing network appliances on a high-traffic webserver. Securing your WiFi, improving WiFi signal, configuring for maximum performance.

Penetration Testing – you have no idea how simple it can be to hack your shit. Took me less than 5mins to gain entry to Auckland Hospital’s internal network.

Intrusion testing,  detection & prevention. Encrypted communication protocols, failsafe data storage, password policy education & enforcement. Antivirus, firewalls. Bad stuff  just wont happen after you’ve applied my recommendations.

On Site, Remote Assistance or Telephone Guidance. If you’ve got an IT issue, talk to me.
From mobile, click the Galaxy S7 to call me:

Regular website production is bread & butter income here at 1024kb. According to reviewers, we do an ok job. Clients think so too, mostly we get repeat & referral business. Read more about the production philosophy by clicking the WEBSITES link above, or check the portfolio here:

Jailbreaking is way cool – if you know how to do it properly. I’ll jailbreak your iDevice or root your ‘Droid – either platform suddenly becomes a whole lot more useful. Click the link above to read more.

I fix Android FRP locks for forgotten Google or Samsung accounts, usually same day service. Bad IMEI – when your phone picks up data (internet connection) but won’t make calls – can usually fix those too, overnight service for that.