the trouble with passwords…

The simple graphics belie the highly intellectual & intelligent messages of author Randall Munroe His cartoons stimulate, enlighten & educate in such topics as quantum physics, cryptology, politics and linux. (WTF!? Linux? Eh?)  His latest masterpiece has sparked a revolution in online password behaviour.

The Trouble With Passwords...

And, he’s damn well right. There are several quality password checkers online is a good choice. Go there, put your current (no doubt long-term) password/s up against an xkcd-style replacement.

I went from an embarrassing 3 days to (approx) 87 trillion years. (By which time I intend to have a new computer.) Not only is my new password orders of magnitude stronger, it’s also so much easier to remember.

This has been a public service broadcast in the interest of your personal IT security.

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