Hard Drive Evolution

Solid State SATA Hard Drives have become commonplace in new computers recently, often a small (128GB) boot drive alongside a 1TB traditional drive used for storage. The usual SATA interface is being supplanted by the much faster M.2 (pron: emm dot two) socket – so your hard drive is now a slot-in card not unlike RAM sticks. The M.2 socket has various levels of performance too, of course. (This is the computer industry, with layer upon layer of confusing specification) M.2 SATA is the standard (still impressive) interface, but the one to look for is M.2 PCIe NVMe. Visually identical, you’ll need to check the specs for confirmation. You’ll need both sides – a PCIe NVMe-capable port & an M.2 PCIe NVMe drive to achieve the fastest results, but this is the way to go for future-proofing your latest investment.