iPhone error 9

Eeeyuck! Another damn iDevice error code that doesn’t like to quit. & Apple, well, sometimes I’m not sure whether they’re in on a rort or they honestly just don’t know how to fix it. Because it’s an update or restore error, there’s a fat slice of frustration that comes with Error 9, simply cos the user intended to improve their iDevice by updating yet ended up with a brick.

Error 9 is a hardware chain problem. There’s a lot of tech in those Lightning cables – when restoring or updating, lots of the communication protocols are invoked. Any data glitch during the update will result in Error 9.

There’s a fair chance that Error 9 devices are suffering from charging problems prior to the update – a dodgy power connection upsetting the charging flow. ┬áBut with a wiggle & a squeeze, eventually the battery charges. You might hack your way past faulty charging but not past Error 9.

To avoid or bypass Error 9, ensure that you’re using a genuine Apple Lightning cable, clean your iDevice’s Lightning port (a quick spray with PCB cleaner followed by a blast of compressed air), if possible use a USB 2 port from your PC, when using a desktop PC, connect to the USB ports at the rear of the box.

If you’re still stuck after ensuring a good, strong data flow, then a clean install by putting your iDevice into DFU mode can often solve the problem.