Unable to install fonts? Fixed.

Windows 10 has this pain in the ass random “feature” that results in any custom fonts you want to install being rejected. So creative artists particularly will be frustrated by this occurrence. Frustrated then angry, yelling at the IT guy about returning to Windows 7.

The reject message seems legit – that the file does not appear to be a valid Windows font. So you download a fresh copy – nah, same shit. Won’t install.

A short post is a good post, so I’m told. (No I’m not, I just invented that on the spot)

Look, I don’t know why but the solution is to enable the Windows Firewall service. If you’ve got a Security Suite in play, rather than standalone Anti-Virus program, then it makes sense to disable the Windows Firewall to stop possible conflicts.

Except that somewhere, somehow, deep in the inner workings of Windows, there’s a few lines that read something like
If (windows.firewall.service) = 0 then
install.new.font = 0
and.if (windows.firewall.service) = 1 then
install.new.font = 1

I’m somewhat interested in knowing why but not that fussed about it. What we have here is what we needed – the solution to a stupid problem.

To enable Windows Firewall Service (as admin):
Press Win key + R
Type services.msc then click OK
Scroll down to Windows Firewall, double click on it.
Change the Start Type from Disabled to Manual
Press Start
Close the windows.

Now go install your fonts.

Edit: This glitch (bug) isn’t limited to causing problems with fonts. Is there a bunch of Windows updates that keep failing? Turn Windows firewall service on. Similarly – random errors with iDevices that won’t update or restore?┬áTurn Windows firewall service on.

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