prevention vs cure

You know prevention is better than a cure, no matter what the circumstance. Trouble is, you’ve had such a good (read lucky) run with your PC that preventative maintenance seems like a waste of time. Until, that is, the crucial moment when the shit hits the fan. Then, right then, an automated backup plan seems like a magnificent concept. Too late.

Windows, OSX & Ubuntu all have built-in backup utilities that, basically, cover your ass. With the cost of external storage plummeting, it’s now a very low-cost insurance policy to have a USB 3 drive attached to your computer that holds an image of the entire drive plus incremental backups representing the changes in your data since the image was made.

What all this means is that if/when your PC fails – whether due to theft, power surge, faulty hard drive, flood, fire, virus or invasive ransomware, we can simply take the existing backup files & rebuild your computer within a couple of hours. It might not be the same box, keyboard or screen, but the bit that really matters – your data – is all there, just like it was pre-disaster.

Sound like a good solution? Yeah, of course it does. Setting up an automated backup is a 5-minute job, tell it to backup every week/month (depending on how much data you’re ok with possibly losing) & forget about it.

If you never need to access your backups, you’re lucky. & believe me, it’s only luck. If you do need to, then you’ve just saved yourself not only $$$ off my bill (the image file is an instant reinstall of Windows, all programs & drivers & your data) but also heartache & stress with the concept of losing all your vital personal data.

Ok, you’ve read about it, how about you set it up right about now?


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